Subhasree YuvakumarSubhasree Yuvakumar is the CEO of the Center for Awakened Learning & Management FZ LLC. She is a Post-Graduate in the field of Human Resources Management with over 3 decades of experience, in India, Oman & the UAE

Certain life circumstances and turn of events directed her to the field of “Spiritual Psychology”. With years of learning, understanding and experiencing this field of study, she qualified as a certified Advanced Trainer of a Spiritual University based in India. Subhasree is also a Certified NLP Practitioner.

In this journey she got connected to some global seekers, trainers and business leaders who have successfully adopted eternal principles to manage their organisations. She felt a compelling desire to share her knowledge & life-lessons with people in general and the corporate world in particular. Subhasree directs and delivers the Holistic Development Solutions of CALM.