Executive Coaching Testimonials

  • "This coaching program gave me an opportunity to discuss issues/concerns bothering me very openly to seek help. The help/advise /guidance that I have received so far is very promising and shaping me as a person. I have gained a lot through Coachee's experience."

  • "Devoting time too one's self has been extremely invigorating and rewarding for me as historically this has not been something. I have ever done."

  • "The significant takeaway would be the positive perspective in which I have started experiencing life. Managing relationships and making the best out of everything I do. The major shift is the reflection I see. I step out of situation realize the actual scenarios and then take a better and educated decision."

  • "This coaching has helped me to know myself and my values... which in so many years I was not aware of."

  • "This has helped in professionally and personal... boasting my confidence and self-esteem."

  • "Yuva - sincere thanks for all the time and effort you have put in with my team. This is precisely the kind of approach to take with senior people who need subtle diplomacy when it comes to encouraging reflection, enabling them to look within to be able to improve. Much appreciated."

The sessions have been really rich in terms of tools to use to understand where I stand and work on my goals. What I've been enjoying the most are The Values and Life Purpose Statement exercises. Those 2 exercises have been key and gave me a clear base/structure to work/think on the following exercises on goals and planning.

Qualitative Feedback from Training Programmes

  • "7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Foundation/Signature"- Delivered under Organizational license agreement of FC clients.

  • “Everything about the programme was good. We need more courses of this type.

  • “The trainer was clear and effective. Learnt a lot about the mind, belief systems and to think positive. Thanks Mr. Yuva.”

  • "6 Thinking Hats" - Design and Parallel Thinking- “Very practical and this needs to be given to all staff”

  • “Brought out a new way of thinking that we learnt in the course.”

  • “Learnt how to move away from traditional thinking”

  • “I think the interactive features were great as it allowed for engagement with colleagues.”

  • “Brilliant session on the unbundling of the thinking process; learnt the sequential processing for all round productivity.”

  • “Excellent session. This training can be made compulsory instead of being optional for the larger benefit of the organisation and it's employees.”

  • “Very important / essential training for effective meetings and for binding as a team / function.”

  • “Loved it!! Thank you Mr. Yuva for the pearls of wisdom. I'm wiser by the experience (training).It will help me in almost all facets of my life.

  • "Diversity and Multicultural Appreciation- Very nice topics and exercises; well skilled trainer who gave new perspectives.”

  • “Thank you Yuva and Mr. Venkat for this wonderful session giving us insight on essentials of project management. The details given in slides and selection of video was perfect. Look forward to have more such session with you”.

  • “The training was absolutely brilliant and I genuinely enjoyed the overall session. The content was extremely informative and incredibly useful. You and Venkat have done a wonderful job and I appreciate your efforts. Many thanks for your association”.

  • “Your (Mr. Yuvakumar’s) excellent teaching skills and interactive sessions made the whole program more lively and interesting. Thanks a lot for the knowledge share”.