CALM FZ LLC combines it’s wide-ranging corporate HR experience with time tested, universal & holistic knowledge for imparting integrated skills and reflective practices. It’s pragmatic approach and solutions apply in both individual and organisational contexts.



"Be a catalyst for people development by enhancing the dimensions of human capability, skills and consciousness in individuals, organisations and communities."

Our Mission

CALM aims to fulfill it’s vision through a strategic & customised approaches as follows:

  • 1.) Creating AWAKENED Business Leaders & Organisations with higher levels of consciousness.
  • 2.) Developing Alignment in organisations between people, policies and practices for achieving HR Excellence.
  • 3.) Stimulating Awareness for personal growth, change and transformation through Training Programmes, Coaching, Counselling and Mentoring interventions.
  • 4.) Facilitating Liberation from stress & make work and life more rewarding & fulfilling.
  • 5.) Aligning Balance between the inner world and outer world through focusing on improved relationships, connectivity and understanding one’s life purpose.

Our Services

CALM offers it's clients a range of sustainable, long-terms solutions to meet both corporate and individual needs. They are "Holistic" in nature, contributing to "Enhanced Consciousness Levels", enabling you to pro-actively meet the challenges of present times.