Ranjan L G De SilvaHe is a CEO, Success Coach, Team Leadership Specialist, Trainer, Key Note Speaker & Author. As a Senior Consultant at Sensei International, Ranjan, provides training & consultancy services to clients from 24 countries in Asia, Europe, Middle East, North Africa & North America. Ranjan is a professional associate of CALM FZ LLC and offers training & consultancy services in the UAE through CALM.

Ranjan has 35 years of corporate experience in the areas of Product Strategy, Sales & Marketing having worked for 3 major Asian Conglomerates in the capacity of Director & CEO for 23 years prior to joining Sensei International. He has authored two books, viz, “Mind Programming for Sales Success” and “A Better Way to Sell – Sales Mastery Through Self Mastery’.

Ranjan is the co-creator of the path breaking Human Performance Index (HPI) together with a team of consultants from Sensei. HPI is a Talent Management tool to assess and improve talent in an organisation.